linear strain gauge / for steel
SenSpot™ Resensys



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    for steel


Wireless Strain SenSpot™ sensors offer a breakthrough technology for real-time and long-term structural health monitoring. SenSpot™ strain gauge uses Resensys’s proprietary sensing,scheduling and ultra-low power synchronization technology.SenSpot™ is designed to operate maintenance-free for more than a decade. After installation, SenSpot™ does not need calibration,battery replacement, or any other maintenance during its entire service life.

Long lifetime: (minimum expected life without battery replacement 10 years)
Lightweight: about 147 g (5.19 oz.)
Wireless transmitter: 120 g (4.23 oz.)
Cable (1ft): 10 g (0.35oz.)
Strain sensing element: 17 g (0.6 oz.)
Easy mounting
Self-adhesive, no drilling is required (e.g. steel)
Flange-mount, drilling is required (e.g. concrete)
Quick installation, 1-2 minutes
High accuracy: 1-µStrain resolution
Wide working temperature: -40 to +65°C (-40 °F to +150°F)
Long communication range: 1.0km free space
Small size:
Wireless transmitter: 50mm (1.96”) x 50mm (1.96”) x 50mm (1.34”)
Strain Gauge sensor: 110mm (4.30”) x 33mm (1.30”) x 9mm (0.35”)
Complementary sensing: temperature, battery voltage, etc.

Long- term and continuous monitoring of strain (stress)
Detecting short-lived and transient high-strain events, e.g., caused by fast moving trucks on highway bridges or by turbulence on airframes
Fatigue awareness, fatigue life analysis (remaining useful life estimation)
Fast, easy-to-install adhesive mount
Examples applications:
Highway bridges
Machines, cranes, etc.
Truck tests, bridge load rating