AC tachogenerator
RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH

Rheintacho tacho generators reliably measure the rotational speeds of motors. The rotation is mechanically transferred directly via a shaft to the sender. At the output of the sender there is an electric signal proportional to the rotation. The signal is then normally transferred to a Rheintacho indicator system.

The senders are available with a normalized voltage, current or pulse output, which means that the right model can be chosen for a wide range of indicator and control units. Rheintacho also offers custom solutions adapted for the application.


* No external power supply needed
* Mechanical transfer of rotation
* Compact design
* Shock-resistant
* Powerful, normalized voltage, current or pulse output
* Tested and approved by certification institutes
* A reliable alternative to optical or electronic measuring systems
* Available in AC or DC version


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