rotational speed sensor / Hall effect / non-contact / threaded
M12 series RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH



  • Type of movement:


  • Technology:

    Hall effect

  • Other characteristics:

    non-contact, threaded, differential, stainless steel, IP67

  • Temperature range:

    Max.: 125 °C (257 °F)

    Min.: -40 °C (-40 °F)

  • Frequency:

    Max.: 20,000 Hz

    Min.: 0.5 Hz


This series of sensor has an installation dimension of DIN M12. It is use in detecting the speed of gearwheels with small module and high resolution and in optimizing vehicles, mobile operating machines and in hydraulic drives. The product can detect up to 20,000 Hz, has a huge airgap, the alignment required and stainless steel.

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