video corpo

quadcopter UAV / inspection / monitoring / mapping



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    inspection, monitoring, mapping

  • Other characteristics:

    carbon fiber, lightweight, foldable

  • Payload:

    16 kg (35.274 lb)

  • Endurance:

    30 min


The RiCOPTER is the first unmanned aircraft system developed and manufactured by a leading provider of laser scanners and scanning systems and offers the first-class technique and system efficiency RIEGL is well known for in commercial civil surveying market.

The robust and reliable airborne scanner carrying platform provides full mechanical and electrical integration of sensor system components into aircraft fuselage. The extremely lightweight carbon fiber main frame, foldable propeller carrier arms, and shock-absorbing undercarriage enable stable flight, safe landings and handy transportation. The flight characteristics of the X-8 array octocopter are smooth and stable in hovering positions as well as in demanding flight maneuvers under challenging conditions.

The RiCOPTER can be equipped with different sensors up to an overall maximum payload of 16 kg (sensors and power supply).

For surveying missions, the RiCOPTER is equipped with the RIEGL VUX-SYS for RiCOPTER, comprising the VUX-1UAV LiDAR sensor, a IMU/GNSS unit, a control unit, and up to two high-resolution cameras.

Furthermore, the remotely piloted aircraft system can carry various types of sensors, e.g. photogrammetric cameras, thermal-infrared cameras, hyper-spectral cameras, magnetometers, radiation sensors, and gas leak detectors and thus been used for multi-purpose applications.