On-line UPS / single-phase / network / low-power
1 - 3 kVA | Sentinel Dual RIELLO UPS


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  • Other characteristics:

    low-power, high-density


Sentinel dual is another exceptional product in the Premium Pro series of UPS systems with dual converter features. The Sentinel Dual is designed to provide efficient services in high density applications. It provides uninterrupted power supply to demanding applications such as telephone networks, medical systems, servers, industrial installations and storage systems.

The device is perfectly qualified for use in blade servers that have a power factor of 1 at the input. It can be used in the tower version or mounted in a cabinet, with its total height coming to 2U. It has been engineered by harnessing the sophisticated technology developed by Riello UPS R&D scientists. A high-tech design and fundamentally strong formats are icing on the cake.

The UPS delivers an outstanding online performance rates of 92% efficiency. It provides admirable support for critical installations and applications where continuous services and long running times are vital. The system is conducive to integration with battery extension units in the ER version, with built-in battery chargers which facilitate easy and quick recharging. The system is equipped with Riello's avant-garde "power-off" function.


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