On-line UPS / high-power / three-phase / network
3.3 - 10 kVA | Sentinel Dual RIELLO UPS


  • Technology:


  • Electrical characteristics:

    high-power, three-phase

  • Applications:



The Sentinel dual series incorporates ultra-high technology to facilitate consistent supply of power to critical-need applications. The range is capable of supplying high power ranges of 3.3/4/5/6/8/10kVA in single-phase and 6.5/8/10kVA in three phase-cum-single phase models. The device is driven by online double conversion technology (VFI). The dialog dual series is versatile enough to be wall-mounted in cabinets or can be placed on the floor. Mounting racks are available in the multi-shelter range.

The series is packed with high-tech features such as selectable on-line, smart active, economy modes of operations, a digital display, USB interface, RS232, PowerShield3 and network adaptor card. The unit imparts dependability, quality assurance and efficiency in operations.


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