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Submersible level transmitters

Float level switches

Communicating level switches

Ultrasonic level transmitters

Radar Level Transmitters

Guided Wave Radar

Rotary & diaphragm level switch

Vibrating level switches

Capacitive level switches

Level switches electro-optic

Conductive Level Switches

Leak protection and alarm units

Pressure transmitters

Differential pressure transmitters

Digital pressure gauges

Pressure switches

Differential pressure switches

Digital pressure switches

Analogue pressure gauges


Turbine flow meter

Volumetric flow meters

Electromagnetic Flow meters

Meters for low flow rate

Vortex flow meters

Sonic flow meters

Coriolis mass flow meters

Flow meters for air and gas

Thermal mass Flow meters

Flow meters for open channels and weirs


Sight flow indicators

Digital flow switches

Pallet Flow switch


Temperature probes

Dial thermometers

Digital thermometers

Heating cables


Thermal energy meters

Videographic recorders & data loggers

Universal digital Indicators

Totalizers & Batch controllers

Signal conditioning module

Load cells

Force transducers

Pneumatic Valves

Solenoid Valves

Conductivity transmitters & controllers


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