analog pressure gauge / differential / for air / for gas
MAGNEHELIC® Riels Instruments



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  • Applications:

    for air, for gas, process

  • Pressure:

    Min.: -0.68 mbar (-0.01 psi)

    Max.: 5,520 mbar (80.06 psi)


The Magnehelic ® differential manometer is a good alternative to liquid column manometers and has an easy to read dial.
The problems resulting from the toxicity, the evaporation and freezing of the liquid are fully resolved with this system.
The dial with a diameter of 100 mm, quick and easy to read, even with low values of the scale. It is recommended also for reading: pressure, depression or differential pressure).

Other uses: depressions on chimneys, load losses through the calibrated cavit, levels with whirl system, pressure in fluidic systems or fluidic amplifiers, to allow control of air-gas reports, to allow control of air-gas reports, of automatic valves, or for the indication of blood pressures and respiration in medical equipment.

As an alternative to Magnehelic ®, the differential pressure gauge CAPSUHELIC ® can bear a total pressure of 500 psi (35 bar)
It can be used: on mouths of ventilators, on filters for the detection of load losses or together with the Pitot tube for the air velocity.