rotary air blow-off system
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rotary air blow-off system rotary air blow-off system


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Rotary blow-off zone

Device for automatically blowing the adhering water off after passing through the pretreatment plant.

The rotary blow-off zone is a device for blowing the adhesive water off workpieces that have been washed for the purposes of painting. It consists of a closed stainless steel sheet metal housing with forced ventilation and is employed immediately after the washing installation. In order to achieve more effective drying in the case of fissured surfaces, the blower nozzles are arranged on a rotary axis. The adhering water is blown off by the parts by air blown at high speed through the rotary blower nozzles.
The effect of this is that no water droplets remain on the workpiece that could lead to slight marks in the paint film. Due to the varying blowing direction, the water is also blown out of problem zones and scooped parts in most cases.

In order to be able to optimise the direction of the blower nozzle air jets, the nozzles have adjustable nozzle heads. The water that is blown off runs back into the pretreatment plant. The blowing air is extracted from the blowing tunnel via a return air duct with adjustable suction apertures.