sectional door / sliding / PVC / fabric
SplitSecond™ Rite-Hite



  • Type:

    sliding, sectional

  • Material:

    fabric, PVC

  • Applications:

    industrial, indoor, for the food industry, for clean rooms, for hospitals, for hygienic applications, for control rooms

  • Other characteristics:

    high-speed, safety, automatic, access, motorized, pedestrian, single-person

  • Width:

    Max.: 12'00" (4 m)

    Min.: 5'00" (2 m)

  • Height:

    Max.: 12'00" (4 m)

    Min.: 7'00" (2 m)


The bi-parting SplitSecond door boosts your efficiency, productivity and safety. A door that opens side-to-side from the center goes twice as fast and delivers twice the benefits in terms of efficiency and productivity. No need to wait for full-cycle openings – even for high-mast forklifts. You’re faster because we’re faster.

"This product may not be sold in all countries. Contact your local Rite-Hite representative for availability."