Electrofusion welder / single-phase / portable
Ø 20 - 315 mm | UNIVERSAL V1 RITMO


  • Technique:


  • Power source:


  • Other characteristics:



UNIVERSAL 315 V1 is a Electrofusion welding tool which uses low pressure of Ø 32 ÷ 315 mm and High pressure HDPE Rollmaplast and PP-R from 20 ÷ 315 mm for its operation. The device is equipped with a graphic display, 350 welding details storage unit, fittings with auto identification and more. The details are stored in PDF format which can be obtained using Serial/USB connector available in the device. It can conceal to current supplied seeing the ambient temperature. It is transportable and can be upgraded when needed. The device is available with wide range of welding cables, extension cable for different operation and many other useful accessories are provided.


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