Water chiller / computer room / air-cooled


  • Material:


  • Applications:

    computer room

  • Other characteristics:


  • Power:

    Min.: 15000 W (51181.97 BTU/h)

    Max.: 481000 W (1641235.09 BTU/h)


The LCP or air/water heat exchangers consist of security related features including repeatable speed-regulated pumps, compressors or buffer stores with a space saving structure and regulation components in side panels and air outlets.

This is a force-sealed system for temperature regulation with set-point and shows the monitoring interface with CMC II. This digital thermostat is used for cooling IT applications and has technical deviation with regards to the cooling output, directions or weight for unit types with unlimited cooling.

The performance data depends upon the selection of the package and needs to be picked from the IT chiller configurator. Additionally, it has expanded delivery duration along with a right to make technical changes.


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