sewer cleaner truck / suction / transport / 3-axle



  • Function:

    sewer cleaner, suction, transport

  • Number of axles:




Alize ADR Combi unit is manufactured with several tank sizes. It is specifically designed for industrial maintenance.

Two versions are available:

ADR for the transportation of hazardous goods
ADR + ATEX to operate in explosive atmospheres
Key Points

Pumping and transportation of products with a flash point below 60° C
RIVARD provide a list of products which can be pumped and transported
ATEX Certification for the whole pumping system
The jetting pump can be operated simultaneously with the vacuum pump during the pumping of products with a flash point below 60° C
Damping waste operation from the control panel is standard. No need for any additional equipment
A transfer pump can be stored onto the unit, to operate permanently from the truck or remotely on a mobile trolley
Volume in accordance with payload
Ergonomics of work station: all tools are within easy