flammable gas detector / gas / compact / explosion-proof
1017 series RKI Instruments



  • Detected entity:

    flammable gas

  • Application:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, explosion-proof, monitoring, sensor, LEL


The Model 1017 series is a compact sample draw direct connect LEL sensor assembly with a built-in pump that accepts a 24VDC input. This unit features a watertight cast aluminum alloy housing which is rated as explosion proof for Class I, Division I, Groups B, C, & D. The Model 1017 has a detection range of 0-100% LEL and can draw a sample from 100 feet away.

The Model 1017 can interface to any RKI Beacon 110, 200, 410, or M2 controllers, Beacon 800, Riken Kieki, or third party control system utilizing optional amplifier with 4-20 mA feedback signal. The stainless steel inlet and exhaust fittings on the bottom of the housing allow the gas sample to enter and exit. This is a very cost effective way of monitoring LEL with a sample draw direct connect sensor.