Squirrel cage rotor tester
RT1, RT1A RM Prüftechnik GmbH


  • Tested product:

    squirrel cage rotor


The RT1 and RT1A are rotor testers used for squirrel cage rotors. They are specifically engineered to determine damages and quality defects in cage rotors. These tools provide a new level of performance outside a stator. The devices can easily classify the type and location of the damage, and can also function on large rotors.

One excitation and one measuring sensor are placed on the surface of the rotor over one bar, when testing a pair of sensors. These tools may use four sensors that can fit various rotor sizes.

Sensors are moved from one bar to the next, checking destroyed bars, cracks, and bad connections. These testers is also capable of detecting problems in endrings. The RT1A is also available in a low-cost version.


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