AC/DC power supply / multiple-output / low-noise level / redundant
OPUS C 24-6.6 CS0864 F ROAL Electronics



  • Type:


  • Output:


  • Other characteristics:

    low-noise level, redundant, external, modular, cabinet, wall-mount

  • Power:

    6,600 W

  • Input voltage:

    Min.: 180 V

    Max.: 275 V

  • Output voltage:

    Min.: 21 V

    Max.: 265 V

  • Current:

    43 A, 87 A, 161 A, 197 A, 275 A


The OPUS OC0864 cabinet system is a natural convection cooled, modular wall-mounted charging rectifier system for industrial market applications. Together with batteries it provides uninterrupted DC power for critical loads.
OPUS C Series is an industrial grade power system family that delivers uninterrupted power for whole voltage ranges from 24V to 220VDC. With highly efficient, natural convection-cooled rectifiers, a state-of-the-art controller, and a highly modular mechanical structure, the OPUS C Series can be easily configured to meet a multitude of telecom and industrial applications.

The OPUS Modular Wall DC Power System is available for all typical battery backup voltages 24VDC – 220VDC. Thanks to its modular construction, the system is capable of power ranges from 1.1kW up to 9.6kW. Battery protection is managed by a switch fuse including a NH00/NH01 fuse link. Load distribution includes configurable MCBs and a screw terminal bulk output for an external distribution panel. Cabinet dimensions are H 800 mm x W 600 mm x D 400mm.

Opus Modular Wall DC Power Systems are ideal solutions for modernization projects where old thyristor chargers (SCR – Silicon Controlled Rectifiers) are replaced with modern modular technology. This wall mountable charger’s compact footprint saves valuable space in electrical rooms, and thanks to its modular structure, double charger set-up is no longer necessary.