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Matchplate sand molding machine
FCMX series Roberts Sinto


  • Technology:

    matchplate sand


The FCMX series is the Flaskless Seiatsu molding machine designed to perform sand filling by the aeration method. The world-renowned ACE flask type Seiatsu aeration molding machine is now accompanied by the flaskless aeration with the FCMX series.

The aeration method is capable of producing high quality molds using matchplate patterns with complicated profiles and deep pockets, which were virtually impossible for ordinary blow type and gravity sand filling methods. The aeration system minimizes the restriction from arrangement of models on the pattern, and the applicable range of molding sand has been expanded by a large margin.

Initial Cost Reduction

- Replacement of existing machines is easy in a short lead-time.
- Possible to re-use existing matchplates
- Maximum utilization of existing line
- Possible to use existing sand plant
- High speed molding by only one unit

Running Cost Reduction

Produce high quality, high added value molds with superior pattern stripping capability and enhanced dimensional accuracy


Applied Technology

- The size of the machine is reduced to almost half of conventional models
- Aeration sand filling secures a wider range of applicable sand properties
- Wider series variation (more flask sizes available)
- Effective two-station design

Low pressure aeration

- Parting agent is sprayed inside totally enclosed chamber
- Mold height feed-back control
- Active machine function information during operation is displayed
- Error-trouble display --- self-compensating function (Standard)
- Error-trouble diagnosis (Option)
- Molding analysis monitor (Option)


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