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Shell core making machine
29 x 20", max. 1 000 lbs | U900 Roberts Sinto

Shalcomatic totally mechanized Model U-900 machines are used to produce a wide range of precision shell cores/molds on a mass production basis. No operator is required. Finished cores/molds are automatically and gently ejected onto the flexible conveyor belt of the machine for removal by an attendant for immediate transfer into the main cross-conveyor system for distribution.

Complete flexibility is provided to accommodate a variety of shell cores or molds to suite every foundry requirement. Individual thermostatic temperature controls on each heater platetimers for blow,invest, cure, and rock cycles.

All machine motions fully automaticAt the completion of the cure time the core is retained in the movable half of the core box. Core box then rotates 90 degrees and ejects cores onto a conveyor raised into a receiving position.


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