wheeled inspection robot / tracked / modular / for pipes
ANATROLLER™ ARE-100 Robotics Design Inc.



  • Locomotion:

    wheeled, tracked

  • Options:


  • Applications:

    for pipes


The ROBOTICS DESIGN ANATROLLER™ ARE-100 series robust modular mobile robotic platforms perfectly utilize the ANAT Technology™, and are mostly used in educational and research labs. The robots are made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel. They are fully customizable for different applications such as four or two-wheel drive, treks, with or without controller compatibility, can operate with Linux or Windows operating systems etc. They have a modular design, and can therefore be connected to different robots, or perform individual disconnection, offering suitability for different processes that were impossible with older types of robots. They can be used as intelligent robotic devices for different security applications, for human-machine communication, mobile navigation, robot behavior, image processing, voice and object recognition, tele-operations etc. They also feature a zero turn radius. anti-tilting action, low weight, payload carrying capacity of 40 kg, manipulator arm compatibility, ability to climb over obstacles, and many other features.