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Procoat™, Vacaid™ Robotics Design Inc.



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ROBOTICS DESIGN™ released PROCOAT™ & VACAID™ the modular accessory for the ANATROLLER ARI-100 which is designed to help you decrease your utility bills, decontaminate your ducts, and reduce your energy consumption. One investment, two purposes. The PROCOAT™ seals, while the VACAID™ cleans. The modular technology of the accessory allows for the user to reconfigure the PROCOAT™ into VACAID™ for coating or direct vacuuming and vice versa.
None of the solutions in the market are as effective, precise, and time efficient as the ANATROLLER™ ARI-100 paired with the modular accessory that provides efficient sealing, coating, and disinfecting solutions to your ducts. PROCOAT™ is easily attached to the 8 kg robot which allows for continuous automatic rotation in CW and CCW direction to encompass all the corners of the contaminated ducts, targeted sealing using the manual joystick control, and the ability of the accessory to move vertically to reach multiple sized ducts