inspection camera / infrared / CCD / PAL/NTSC
CABLE EYE™ CEI-R35 Robotics Design Inc.



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    IP67, pipe, miniature, robust, outdoor


Robotics Design presents CABLE EYE™ CEI-R35, an infrared cable-camera device which is ideal for low-cost examination of small HVAC ducts and pipes. CABLEEYE™ CEI-R35 has a rugged cable with strong cylindrical aluminum head. This allows the camera unit to be placed into a pipe or a duct with ease. The semi-rigid cable can bend around two curves and can be controlled with ease by a single operator.
There is a high performance infrared camera mounted on the head of the unit. It can see at an angle of 130 degrees even in complete darkness. Owing to its excellent performance in outdoor locations, CABLE EYE™ CEI-R35 is rated IP67. The other end of the cable features a video output and power supply input. CABLEEYE™ CEI-R35 camera can be connected directly to VCR, TV or TFT monitor with power supply connection to the adapter to obtain the RCA video output.
The camera unit’s rugged design is best suited for industrial setting. It enables minute inspection of small pipes and ducts even with a diameter of 1.3”. The unit is low maintenance and provides optimum quality image.