duct and pipe cleaning robot
ANATROLLER™ ARI-10 Robotics Design Inc.



  • Applications:

    duct and pipe


The particular and acclaimed Anatroller™ ARI-10 is an exceedingly flexibility smaller than normal versatile robot, intended to be effectively sent in seconds and work in both vertical and level channels. This robot is particular for expert review, brushing, covering and sterilizing operations in metallic ventilation work. An inherent high determination Polaroid and removable 360° pivoting full HD Polaroids give the best answer for expert pipe investigation.

The ANATROLLER ARI-10s remarkable development framework permits it to clean and examine metallic channels vertically. It is outfitted with a removable module on top of its base, which holds additional lighting and the adjustable apparatus holder.

This robot speaks to the most proficient robot for brushing private pipes, and on account of its little size, stainless steel link, two wheel drive train and HD Polaroids, it empowers HVAC experts to leave each pipe spotless, recognizing you from your rival by guaranteeing fulfilled customers each time the ARI-10 is utilized.