duct and pipe cleaning robot
ANATROLLER™ ARI-50 Robotics Design Inc.



  • Applications:

    duct and pipe


Robotics Designs ANATROLLER™ ARI-50 robot is the perfect option for brushing in air ducts starting at 3.6 x 6 inches and commercial duct cleaning. Its modular, compact and durable design is lightweight, and powerful enough to carry 4 times its weight and tow 9 times its weight.

This robot is the perfect option for using pneumatic air brushes with up to 200 PSI in very small to regular ducts. and allow duct cleaners to offer the most professional service by removing all dust and contaminants completely and quickly.

The ANATROLLER ARI-50 is connected by a single cable with air intake, robot control, power and video cables all combined, ensuring complete maneuverability in the duct, and the cable length extends over 100 feet.

The ANATROLLER ARI-50 takes seconds to set up and deploy, and includes a high quality camera equipped with a video recorder and a TFT monitor.