octocopter UAV / monitoring / mapping / observation
GX8 Robotics Industry



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    monitoring, mapping, observation, for photogrammetry

  • Other characteristics:

    infrared camera, with thermal camera

  • Payload:

    15 kg (33.069 lb)

  • Endurance:

    20 min, 30 min, 36 min, 44 min, 50 min


This UAV is a powerful and versatile tool for your future benefits. The GX8 is equipped with a gryphon chassis. This chassis is one of the thoughest and best engineered of the market for anything related to heavy luggage capacity on a multirotor. We can incorporate sensors (visual, thermal, infrared…) up to 15 kg.

The carbon and aluminum alliance guarantees its incomparable rigidity, thus allowing to design modular platforms dedicated to the most demanding applications. (photogrammetry, observation, monitoring…)