mechanical force gauge / for clamping force measurement
F-senso chuck RÖHM



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for clamping force measurement

  • Rated force:

    Max.: 10,000 N

    Min.: 0 N


Type 576 Self-centering steady rests SLZR have more efficient turning of slender shafts.
Compared to existing solutions, the cam and lever system has been optimized.It permits applying the three rollers performing the centering and supporting operations to the specified work piece.It applies almost symmetrically with a spacing of 3x120°.
Self-centering steady rests have an original internal compensating system. This system can compensate for the displacement of the work piece center occurring under altering pressures in standard steady rests. This system combined with the cam and lever system justify the unusually high centering precision throughout the working range.
Depending on the needs and proposed use,rests are offered with a stroke monitor or a safety device only.
Self-centering steady rests have a very stiffness and very high repeating precision.
They have a small dimensions.
They also have a stroke control and central lubrication.
They include an air purge that prevents dirt penetration.

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