gripper turning chuck / automatic / 2-jaw / for pipes
GF series RÖHM



  • Type:


  • Number of jaws:


  • Other characteristics:

    gripper, for pipes, for shafts

  • Gripping force:

    Max.: 6 kN

    Min.: 1.3 kN


The GF series is a line of power chucks manufactured by Rohm. This tool is characterized by its quick-acting jaw change system, with individual jaw unlocking. It is utilized for moving and positioning bars and tubes.

The unit uses a 30° approach angle chamfer that causes the jaws to be positively forced outward until the workpiece diameter is reached. The chuck releases the round stock that has been gripped by the bar puller. The work is chucked again by the chuck when it has reached its pre-determinated place. The cup spring assembly returns the jaws to their initial position by instantly pushing it inward.

The GF series is designed and produced to comply with international ISO 702-1 (DIN 55026/55021) standards.