rotating table shot blasting machine / for metal / automatic



  • Type:

    rotating table

  • Applications:

    for metal

  • Other characteristics:



This machine is ideal for the gentle de-flashing of small to medium size quantities of thermoset and highly filled thermoplastic work pieces.

Technical description
The rotary table, divided into 2 chambers, allows the de-flashing of single or multiple parts at one station, while finished parts are removed and raw parts loaded at another station. By a 180° table rotation the chambers move from the blast station into the load / unload station and vice versa. Up to two work pieces can be placed in each chamber.
Swing table machines can be easily integrated into manufacturing cells for the fully automatic de-flashing of work pieces coming from one or multiple injection molding machines or presses.

For the automatic de-flashing of:

Delicate work pieces
Work pieces with complex, difficult to reach contours
Small to medium size work piece quantities
Special equipment:

Can be equipped with a blasting system having up to four blasting nozzles
Vertical nozzle movement
Typical applications::

Rotor / Stator
Water pump impellers
Connector parts