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Radiocommunication tester / installation / digital / compact
R&S®OSP series Rohde Schwarz


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    digital, compact


R&S®OS is designed as a control and open switch platform that enables easy and quick implementation of control tasks and RF switches. This device is appointed with several modules, which makes it a perfect fit for a wide range of applications- from simple RF switch functions to more complex automatic path switch overs in RF test systems to include EMC systems. With its compact size, the R&S®OS fits comfortably in limited spaces and optimal configuration can be had by simply choosing the right control and switch modules.

Installation is made simple due to the device's plug and play capabilities, and the path control makes it reliable, independent and easy switching of various switching paths with one single command. Furthermore, the intuitive operating menu provides the latest generation of switching configurations and the R&S®OS integrates seamlessly with existing system through Ethernet access. Fast and direct access is made possible by operation onsite and this extension unit offers a plethora of functions that can be expanded as needed. Special modules are available for EMC applications.


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