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electromagnetic field monitoring device / measurement / robust
R&S®EMF Rohde Schwarz



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    for electromagnetic fields

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The R&S®EMF monitor is a reliable and accurate device that is used for detecting electromagnetic emissions in the frequency range of 9KHz to 3GHz. As specified by a number of EMF standards, it detects the electromagnetic emission in a precise manner. It covers both weak as well as strong signals within this frequency range.

The measurement of frequency field strength is independent of polarization and angle of incidence. It covers a variety of signals that range from analog to digital, radar and pulse wideband. The measurement and analysis of the signals can be controlled by the EMF measurement software that is tested by R&S®RFEX.

For long term measurements it has automated EMF with a frequency range of 9kHz to 3GHz. With reliable detection and accuracy, it rests on high sensitivity. The dynamic range with excellent measurement accuracy is the main feature of this instrument. Besides this, the automatic data transmission and remote configuration with exact measurement makes it an ideal device for outdoor use. It can be transported easily.