TV signal analyzer
100 kHz - 3 GHz | R&S®FSH3-TV Rohde Schwarz


  • Measured value:

    TV signal


R&S®FSH3-TV TV Analyzer blends the features and functions of a full spectrum analyzer with those of a TV test receiver into one measurement receiver. It is extremely portable and is perfectly suited for technicians looking to perform measurement on the go. By way of example, for maintenance or new installations and repair work of parts of TV cable transmitters and networks. The instrument is packed into a compact housing and is designed to go with you.

It is appointed with strong edge protection and its RF connected cases protect this device from weather and mechanical related conditions. The R&S FSH3 TV Analyzer weights just 2.8 g and is fitted with a strong carrying handle. This handle also makes it easy to read the display especially when the R&S FSH3 is placed in a flat surface. Furthermore, this instrument comes with a stand allowing it to be positioned at the best angles to read results.


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