RF immunity test chamber / shielded
R&S®TS712x series Rohde Schwarz


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The ruggedly designed R&S TS712x family of RF test chambers has been manufactured to cope with all requirements of automatic production lines. These requirements include automatic opening and closing of the RF chamber and a long service life.

The RF test chambers provide a high shielding effectiveness over a wide frequency range which enables it to perform tests on devices and modules which have a radio interface in accordance with numerous standards. These include GSM, ISM, LTE, cdma2000, WCDMA, WiMAX, Bluetooth, WLAN and ZigBee.

Two base models, differing mainly in width, are included in the new R&S TS712x product family. An automatic and manual version of each model is available.

The R&S TS712x product family provide high shielding effectiveness up to 14 GHz, low reflection due to the use of absorbent material, integrated RF connectors and filter feedthroughs, and an exchangeable connector plate for application specific modifications.


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