TV signal analyzer
100 kHz - 3 GHz | R&S®FSH3-TV Rohde Schwarz

General Information

The TV Analyzer R&S FSH3-TV combines the functions and features of a complete spectrum analyzer with those of a TV test receiver in a single measurement instrument. It can be taken wherever needed and is ideal for technicians who perform measurements on site – for example, during new installations or maintenance and repair work on components of TV cable networks and transmitters.
Robust and portable

The instrument's compact housing is designed for portable use. Its robust edge protection and RF connector covers safeguard the R&S FSH3-TV against mechanical and weather-related conditions. The R&S FSH3-TV weighs only 2.8 kg. It has a sturdy carrying handle that also makes reading the display easy when the instrument is placed on a flat surface. In addition, an integrated stand allows the R&S FSH3-TV to be positioned to the optimum angle for reading results. The powerful, built-in NiMH battery can power the instrument for up to four hours, thus providing reliable operation even at remote locations.
Convenient operation

The R&S FSH3-TV is operated by means of convenient menus and softkeys. Frequently used functions can be selected directly. In addition, a rotary knob allows quick and easy variation of entry values and the selection of items from menus. Measured values and menus are shown on a backlit color liquid crystal display. The display remains legible even under difficult lighting conditions (daylight).


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