Wide-band antenna
0.8 GHz - 18 GHz | R&S®HF907 Rohde Schwarz


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It is a directional antenna for broadband which is perfect to be used with EMC measurements. It is an antenna that is equipped with linear polarization and is compact for receiving and transmitting signals for range of frequency between 0.8 to 18 GHz. EMI measurements are the major application available with the antenna because of the specific calibration. It can be used for flat and high gain and has got compact dimensions associated with it. It is designed for suiting input power to about 300 watts and has higher efficiency. It can be used in the EMC laboratories. It has got radiation pattern of single - main lobe on the complete frequency range. It has got individual calibration suitable with SAE ASP - 958 and ANSI C63.5 standards.


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