Automatic clamping chuck / lathe
KFD-N series RÖHM


  • Mounting system:

    automatic clamping

  • Product application:



The KFD-N series is manufactured by RÖHM. It is a lathe chuck which allows work pieces to be chucked in precise alignment. The design of this lathe chuck eliminates running errors that are caused by jaw displacement and chuck body deformation. In addition, work seats can be accurately secured to the support posts firmly attached to the mounted adapter.

Features of the KFD-N series include high clamping accuracy, and long actuating-piston guide way. The entire structure is made of steel, with all wearing parts that are hardened and ground. The support posts are robust and deep-seated. Plus, it is equipped with a robust universal adapter to fit work seats included as attachment.

The KFD-N series meets with the German Employer´s Liability Insurance Association standards.


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