Gas turbine / aeroderivative / for power generation / mechanical drive
27 216 - 32 000 KWe | RB211 series Rolls Royce


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    for power generation, mechanical drive


The industrial RB211 is derived from the aerospace RB211, which is the chosen power plant for several large airliners.

Thanks to extensive development, the RB211 is the most reliable and easily maintained industrial gas turbine available today.

Auxiliary equipment such as intake air filtration, acoustics and lubrication all form part of the Rolls-Royce scope of supply for oil and gas and power generation applications.

The RB211 gas turbine package matches the technologically advanced Rolls-Royce gas generator with the efficiency of the RT62 or RT61 power turbine. The aero derivative industrial design has demonstrated outstanding reliability, with more than 650 RB211 gas turbines sold, accumulating a total of over 24 million operating hours of experience.

These gas turbine systems have been refined through experience, including remote and offshore applications where availability and reliability are of crucial importance. With superior performance retention and relative ease of overhaul, RB211 systems provide an ideal solution for today's applications.

Nominal performance, ISO conditions, zero installation losses, natural gas fuel.

Dual fuel DLE and non-DLE models available for both mechanical drive and power generation applications (please consult Rolls-Royce for further information).


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