Rotary bottle filler for liquids
Exacta R Ronchi Mario SpA

The “R”-version identifies machines manufactured in stainless steel to handle viscous, abrasive or foamy products.

The parts in contact with the product are made of Aisi 316 L stainless steel.

The upper part of the filler is height adjustable through motorised servo-control in order to accomodate a great variety of bottle sizes.

The main motor is three-phase, asynchronous, controlled by a frequency inverter, extremely accurate for adjusting the machine speed and the acceleration and deceleration ramps.

The automatic adjustment of the machine speed takes place very smoothly depending on the bottle flow and is controlled by sensors located on the inlet and outlet bottle conveyors.

The bottle transfer starwheels are all equipped with safety devices which stop the machine in case of overload.

The lubricating points are only two and can be reached very easily.

The safety guards are manufactured with polycarbonate panels.

The operator panel, assembled on a swivelling arm, is of simple use and allows very easy programming of the working cycle.

The control of the various phases of the process is done through an industrial PC located on the control panel, from which all the adjustments and data input for different types of bottle or product are set.


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