Groove cold forming machine / with 3 drive rolls / thread
max. ø 30 mm | RW20 Rosenberger AG


  • Options:

    groove, with 3 drive rolls, thread


Rollforming of any suitable profile on tube, using profiled
rollform tooling
CNC control with SPS, clear text display with machine
specific keyboard
Program modes available: Automatic, Manual, Single-
Step, Program, Diagnostics
Cycle time optimization through free programmable
machine parameters
Servo drive controllers allow reproducible and consistent
execution of pre-programmed speeds, ensuring
maximum control over part specific material properties.
Linking of multiple machines possible with handling
Change-over time typically less than 10 minutes
Build-in memory for program/ parameter storage
Micro lube system or flood lube system available
Servo drives are low maintenance, quiet and power
Easy transportation due to compact design w/o any
Compact design, small foot print
Extensive diagnostics integrated in machine control
Servo driven material stop
Chain driven for extended durability


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