Wastewater pump / screw / normal priming / booster
Roto pumps ltd.


  • Media:

    for wastewater

  • Type:


  • Priming:

    normal priming

  • Other characteristics:

    booster, for fluids with lubricating properties

  • Flow:

    500 m³/h (17657.33 ft³/h)

  • Pressure:

    50 bar (725.19 psi)


Roto's horizontal internal bearing Twin Screw pumps are available in standard foot mounted configuration with sump heating arrangement as an option.

These pumps are selected where the fluids are clean and have lubricating properties.

Mechanical seals are standard. Option for gland packing is also available. Pumps are fitted with relief valves suitable for 100% bypass. The suction and discharge ports are in-line.


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