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Vacuum regulator
max. 30 "Hg, 20.4 m³/h | M17 series ROTORK FAIRCHILD


The Fairchild Model 17 Vacuum Regulator is designed for systems that require system vacuum control up to full vacuum. The M17 features full vacuum capability. It has a control sensitivity of 1/2"water column. It has a high flow capacity. This regulator also features a balanced vacuum valve and aspirator tube. It has also a separate control chamber and has a unit construction. This device eliminates hunting and buzzing. It also permits you service the model without removing it from the line.

It guarantees precise control in vacuum applications and allows use in precision applications. It has also a responsive and repeatable operation. Lastly, it minimizes any effects of supply vacuum variation, Compensates for any downstream vacuum drop under flow conditions.



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