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Hydraulic actuator / rotary / rack-and-pinion
max. 3 400 Nm, max. 250 bar | RH series Rotork plc


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The Rock and Pinion actuators provide an economical alternative for the quarter-turn valves which have a steady torque requirement throughout the stroke.

They also have nickel-plated anti-blowout pinion. The value mount dimension is ISO 5211 DIN 3337.They come in spring return and double acting configurations. With solid heavy duty cast iron bodies and Electroless nickel-plated cylinders that are resistant to corrosion. The RH (hydraulic) actuators come available in five body sizes which produce a torque output of up to 3,400 Nm (30,000 lbf-in) with operating pressures of 250 bar (3,600 psi).


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