water analyzer / carbon dioxide / gas / temperature
± 0.04 g/l | Embra CarboCheck System 2000 Rototherm Canongate Technology



  • Measured entity:

    water, carbon dioxide, gas

  • Measured value:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    for the food industry


The Embra CarboCheck System 2000 from British Rototherm Co. Ltd., is a dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor. It employs saturation pressure and temperature technique for providing a precise, non-sampling measurement. The Embra CarboCheck can be used as a separate measurement unit, or can be configured as a control system.

It can be used in a wide variety of applications including beer carbonation ex-filter, mineral water carbonation, sparkling wines carbonation, in-line CO2 monitoring on brewery and soft drinks packaging lines, and carbonation of pre-mixed drinks.

Aside from providing accurate results, the Embra CarboCheck System 2000 also gives more efficient process control, and reduces time spent in repeated work. It has no movable parts, and only requires minimal maintenance.