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climatic monitoring system / condition / temperature / flow
Rotronic Continuous Monitoring System (RMS) ROTRONIC AG



  • Type:

    condition, temperature, flow, current, voltage, pressure, humidity, climatic

  • Applications:

    for electrical cabinets, measurement, process, alarm, air, environmental, CO2, for bearings, construction, for clean rooms, for temperature sensors, for indoor air quality

  • Other characteristics:

    real-time, wireless, Ethernet, portable, digital, modular, remote, measuring system, data acquisition, automatic, online, analog I/O, digital I/O, mobile, control system, continuous


The Rotronic Monitoring System is one of the most flexible monitoring systems available on the market today. From small applications with one measurement point to larger systems with several thousand measurement points, RMS offers tailor-made solutions. Existing hardware can be integrated into the Rotronic system and, vice versa, Rotronic hardware can be incorporated into existing software. According to your wishes and requirements for a continuous monitoring system.
The Rotronic Monitoring System is a modular system of hardware elements and web-based software. It provides maximum flexibility in installation and ensures readily available data. The data loggers record measurements from Rotronic and third-party sensors and transmit them to the secure database. It stores information and makes it available to users, regardless of whether they access the database via a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.