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digital thermo-hygrometer / portable / temperature / relative humidity
HygroPalm series ROTRONIC AG



  • Display:


  • Configuration:


  • Measured value:

    temperature, relative humidity

  • Other characteristics:

    with data logger, USB, with external sensor, multi-probe

  • Applications:

    for HVAC, for the food and beverage industry


HygroPalm HP21 and HygroPalm HP22 are handheld instruments that come with a probe that is fixed and interchangeable, respectively, suited to measuring humidity and temperature with a high accuracy. The integral 2000 point memory and USB connectivity are specific to both devices, while in the case of HygroPalm HP21, humidity can be displayed on the backlit display with other parameters being available as well, through the software provided.

HygroPalm HP22 supports HK25 and HK40 probes, which facilitate direct measurements in high temperature applications and ducts.