ultrasonic flow meter / for liquids / clamp-on
230 series Roxspur Measurement & Control



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The Model 230 is a portable dual-channel ultrasonic flowmeter for non-invasive and nonintrusive flow measurement of liquids and liquefied gases in fully filled pipes. It is supplied with an internal datalogger and software for the recording and download of measured values. Additionally, it can be equipped with an integrated wall thickness gauge. Thanks to its intuitive instrument menu, Setup Wizard and Audible Sensor Positioning Assistant™, the flowmeter can be set up and its sensors correctly installed in a matter of minutes. Its two flow channels enable the Model 230 to monitor the flow on two pipes simultaneously or alternatively on one single pipe in a multi-path sensor mounting configuration. Equipped with the optional Heat Quantity Measurement function and PT100 sensors, the instrument can further be employed as a portable heat meter. Measured values can also be transferred by optional process outputs.

Optional Heat Quantity Measurement function turning flow meter into portable heat meter
Powered by 8 x AA rechargeable internal batteries for up to 24 hours
Auto-detected ultrasonic clamp-on sensors and optional intergrated wall thickness gauge
Graphic LCD display, diagnostic and maths functions for dual-channel measurements
Available with crush-proof IP 67 case or lightweight soft case holding all necessary accessories including clamp-on chains, clips and accoustic coupling paste
Mains and internal battery power supply, optional external battery pack available for long-term measurements (up to 21 days)
Bi-directional measurement with totaliser function

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