circular saw / for metals / for tubes / for bars
RASACUT SH 300 RSA cutting systems GmbH



  • Technology:


  • Treated material:

    for metals

  • Applications:

    for tubes, for bars

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, high-performance, large format, with automatic feeder

  • Circular saw blade diameter:

    300 mm

    Max.: 910 mm

    Min.: 600 mm

  • Round piece diameter:

    Max.: 300 mm

    Min.: 30 mm


The RASACUT SH 300 is an innovative offering from one of a few manufacturers and is designed as a superior performance saw that caters to tubular and solid work pieces of big sizes. Adding to this, the latest designed cutting center makes is possible for quick cutting of thick and thin and thick walled hollow sections and rigid bars that of maximum 300 meter diameter and a maximum of 14 m stock lengths. Owing to its superior dynamic acceleration, the quick and and accurate gripper feed can accommodate 6.5 tons of random material within just a few seconds for 3 meters and guarantees a class leading output.

The backlash resistant saw gearbox combined with a superior rated torque permit unmatched part and cut surface quality. Adding to this, the completely automatic and smart feed in and feed out of stocks lengths guarantees the smooth stream of materials and lowers the time needed for cutting. This machine ships with a host of advantages to include quick sawing of tubes and solid bars, low installation times and superior level of automation.