brush deburring machine / for profiles / for tubes / automatic
TURNAMAT Automat RSA cutting systems GmbH



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    for profiles, for tubes

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TURNAMAT is the machine designed for very fast deburring tubes, complex section shapes or workpieces which are heavy or have complex burrs. Deburring process usually lasts only three seconds.
They are very economic solution for simultaneously deburring the inside and the outside edges without need to manually turning the workpieces. These firmly engineered robust machines has a shorter set-up times comparing to the manual workpieces feeds.
The radial brush is made to perform a typical rotation and a second rotation. This results evenly machined the inner and outer edges.
The TURNAMAT Automat is designed to automatically and simultaneously deburr the both face sides of the workpiece. It can be connected with upstream cutting systems without a any difficulty. The total brush unit can move back and forth in a third motion on the face side of the section making a very reliably deburr of the side edges on large sections.