water cleaning machine / with conveyor / for pipes
RASACLEAN SK RSA cutting systems GmbH



  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    with conveyor, for pipes

  • Capacity:

    650 l (171.7 gal)


The Cleaning System for Bulk Goods and Short tubes

RASACLEAN SK cleans short tubes, sections and solid bar up to a length of 120 mm and an output of up to 7,000 pieces/h, depending on dimensions and degree of contamination. RASACLEAN SK reliably removes swarf, cooling lubricant and other contaminants.

The tubes slide into a washing drum that is configured as a screw conveyor. The intensive turbulence to which the work pieces are subject in a hot bath at up to 60 °C cleans the parts. The drum automatically transports the clean tubes and sections into the drying area and then they are deposited into a collection unit.