rotary indexer / cam / for stepper motors
16 - 30 Nm Ruchservomotor JV


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  • Applications:

    for stepper motors


Rotary Stepping (stepper) motors "Ruchservomotor" Ltd.

Rotary stepping motors used for rotary tables and based on direct drive technology.

Specific features:

Angular travel and angular positioning with a wide band of speed, acceleration and travel programming.
Low height clearance for building into equipment.
Possibility of 360 degrees NC program turn with a reversal.
Short design description.

A rotary stepping table (motor) consists of an oval inductor (1), forcer (2) and an air bearing.
The inductor has perimeter spaced thread. The forcer includes electromagnetic modules, located around the edges and a pneumatic system with jets. An air-magnetic suspension holds the inductor in alignment direction to the forcer; an air bearing holds it in the direction perpendicular to an axis.

Possible fields of application :

Precise rotary tables.
Robotics systems.
Coiling machines.
Light fibre packing.
Program-controlled drums.


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