Lifters chain
630 - 20 000 kg | VIP-VMK series RUD


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The VIP-round steel link chain VMK 4 x 12 in pink is manufactured with an improved and tighter tolerance within the inner width (size B). The VIP-Chain is manufactured from CrNiMO high grade steel, that has been specially hardened and tempered with a very high toughness. As a result the chain is less sensitive to notching and hydrogen embrittlement than chains that are quality grade 8, and all VIP-Chains are powder coated with an identifiable fluorescent pink color.

The approval of RUD's greater superiority and obvious excellent quality is recognized and documented by the BG in short chain link intervals. The H1 stamp refers to RUD's manufacturer number of 1, while the 10 indicates the special quality grade of 10.


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