suspended load shot blasting machine / for metal / for bulk materials / automatic
CAPSOR© eco RUMP Strahlanlagen GmbH & Co. KG



  • Type:

    suspended load

  • Applications:

    for metal, for bulk materials

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, compact, multipurpose, 2-wheel


Quality with the smallest footprint

With its compressed design requiring very little floor space, the three versions of the CAPSOR® eco are very space-saving and can be set up without foundation.

Operation as well as maintenance are easy.

The CAPSOR® eco is an efficient solution for
✓Blasting structural parts of steel in batch processing
✓Blasting structural parts of aluminium in batch processing when using a shock pressure resistant filter or wet filter


The workpieces are attached by the operator outside of the machine to a customer-specific transport trailer. Once they are introduced into the blasting cabinet and the cabinet door has been closed manually, they are blasted optimally on all sides in front of the shotblast wheels by means of the simultaneous rotation and oscillation. The overhead monorail system runs in a Y-shape in front of the blasting cabinet and is equipped with an automatic switch in front of the system, so that two transport trailers can be used for two-way feeding.

The shotblast wheels used are the “R” turbines which are easy to maintain. The blasting abrasive is reclaimed to the bucket elevator via a funnel and a screw conveyor. Smaller particles are extracted from the blasting abrasive in the optimised, one-level separator by means of an airstream, and fed to the filter system integrated at the rear.

To empty the collecting container resting on rollers below the filter funnel, it is detached and pulled out. The control cabinet is equipped with a programmable logic controller.